Friday, August 5, 2011

Mahalo From Don

After taking my Easel Card class, I think Don got inspired. He dropped off this card for me at the store and I was quite impressed! Thanks Don! If you would like to see this card up close, its currently on display at the store.

I love how he used the slippers as stoppers.. reminds me of how we use slippers for door stoppers?!

And love how he popped up the Mahalo laser cut to prop up the middle panel. Somehow this reminds me of a welcome mat and leaving your slippers at the door.

Thanks Don! This was a great sample to use in my 2nd class!


  1. I seen this in the store that day (Tuesday) and it is beautiful.. Don is great with his easel cards...
    Happy weekend you all!

  2. WOW, I'm impressed. Don did a FANTASTIC job.
    Way to go Don.

  3. The pictures are awesome, but in person this card is amazing!!!!