Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shabby Pumpkins

Sorry folks.. forgot to take a photo, but I'll link up the tutorial I found on making the shabby pumpkins we made today at the make 'n take.  Check out the tutorial here... by MsLiberty25.

Here's the basic instructions:
1.  Cut 12x12 cardstock in half so you have 2 6"x 12" pieces.  You can make 2 pumpkins with one sheet.  You can also adjust the size of your pumpkin by cutting it to desired length.

2.  Then cut the sheet into 5/8" strips.  You should get about 19 strips.

3.  Punch holes on each end of the strips.

3.  Using long brads, stick all strips through the brad and secure by opening up the feet.

4.  Fan out strips and select strip closest to the brad head.  Starting with that strip, stick the other end of the strip through another brad.  Select a strip on the opposite end.  Then repeat, selecting strips on opposite ends.

5. Close up brad and decorate!

You can see pumpkin samples at the shop!  Great for housing goodies like Halloween candy and other small gifts!

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