Thursday, March 26, 2009

Re-coloring Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to change the color of something so that it matched your project better? Here's a technique that Tracy came up with that is very useful in these situations.

Supplies used:
Versacolor white ink
Ohana sentiment- Laser cut from Island Scrapbooking
Studio Basics duo sided eye applicators
Decorating Chalks
Here's what we started with... The Ohana sentiment was cut out of black paper. We wanted the title to be green.
The first step was to ink the Ohana with white ink.

After applying the ink, Michele used the applicators to apply the different colored chalks. At first we wanted to make it green, but then realized we could make it look like a rainbow!

Just a tip- if you need to apply more ink (so that the chalk sticks to it), use another applicator to apply the ink... you don't want to apply the stamp pad directly to the image if it already has chalk on it. If you do, your white ink pad won't be white anymore.

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